Snap-Star Q+A: Matpaszkiewicz

How long have you been Snapping for, and how did you first get into it?

I first started using Snapchat at the start of 2015 after I saw it being used a lot by the people I was skateboarding with. There was a big buzz in the USA about it so I decided to jump right in. Over the last four months, I’ve become really serious about using it professionally. I see myself as a person who can catch a story and use his own skills through different channels to tell it. Snapchat gave me great tools to open my mind and connect the real world with my imagination.

We hear you recently scored a gig with Poland's first 24-hour news channel". Congrats!

Thanks! Yeah, for the last few months I’ve been implementing Snapchat for TVN24, and now I'm focusing on their strategy and content creation.

With so many brands rushing on to the platform, what should people be doing to cut through the noise to reach their target audience?

I think the most important thing is knowing why you want to be there and what you can offer. You have to look at it from your audience’s perspective, get to know who they are & what will be good content for them. It’s the same as Facebook & other platforms in the early days. Brands feel the hype and want to be there, so they rush in thinking everything will work out without any strategy.


Do you have any tips for how brands can grow their Snapchat accounts?

  • Know your “why” and provide value for your audience.

  • Share previews of your Snapchat content and QR Codes across your other channels (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube – all the places where you and your target audience are).

  • Collaborate with influencers and people that fit your brand personality.

  • Be patient & consistent.

How often do you post/ would you recommend a brand should post?

That really depends on the brand and the style of content you’re creating. It’s different if you are, say RedBull, to how you’d post as a University, ESPN, KFC or Justin Bieber. 

You just have to remember that there’s really no “best solution,” you just have to experiment and listen to feedback from your community. Look at your Snapchat data - how many people saw the first snap, how many saw last snap, and what does their journey look like? I find it’s a great way to learn more about what’s working and what’s not.



How do you see the likes of other emerging storytelling platforms (i.e. Meerkat and Periscope), fitting into the landscape of brand communications?

The potential is mind blowing. I tested Periscope a few times during my Snapchat Q&A, and it’s exciting that you can express yourself and connect with people at the same moment in time. Live-streaming apps are powerful channels for brands. You can get really close to people, build deep relationships, tell a story, show you care. With new communication platforms it’s always a game between early adopters who take the risk to be ahead of the majority, and people who go there when it’s “clean and safe”. That’s something to consider.


Do you have a process for creating your Snap art?

It really depends. If it’s a quick Snap-art from a place I’m at, then I always create it live. But if I’m connecting photos or videos in a big story it can take me hours to prepare.

For example, creating Snap-art with Chef from Southpark is a pretty simple process. Some of my bigger stories like Warsaw Uprising  and Ghostbusters take about 8 hours from start to finish.

How would you describe the type of art you do on Snapchat?

I started out doing funny, simple drawings, then went into bigger pieces with video, text, photos and “interactive snaps” (click buttons). I’m really developing my stories and looking for new ways to tell them. For me, it’s all about making people laugh or stop and think for a minute. 


What interesting brands or influencers do you look to for inspiration?

Honestly, I don’t actually look to others for inspiration. I try to put myself in the user’s perspective and think what would be a cool thing to see or experience. I’m inspired about what people can achieve on Snapchat, and how you can express your personality and style everyday. It’s crazy if you think about it like that.

Finally, would you rather fight 1 horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses?

Seeing 100 duck sized horses sounds cool, so I’ll go with that one.