Cross-Channel Growth Hacks According to Delta State University.

Who: @deltastateuniversity

Channels: Instagram and Snapchat

Objective: Cross-channel growth and engagement

Subject Matter: The pop-socket

...this is gonna be good.

Let’s paint a picture for a second so we can throw it up on the wall and look at all the colors together.

Imagine you’re a Higher Education marketer (scratch that, tons of marketers everywhere have this problem) and you’ve got a much bigger following on Instagram than you do on Snapchat. But, your engagement and direct response on Snapchat is through the roof.

Seems like a catch 22, right? Wrong. Well, wrong if you’re Delta State, anyway.

Delta State was active and engaged on both Snapchat and Instagram, but their Instagram had a much larger following. Delta State’s Social Media Specialist (magician), Caroline Fletcher, came up with a brilliant idea to grow both channels while keeping their audience (students) engaged.

In Instagram’s native tools they found their creative way in, so they could drive audience engagement and investment in the story: the humble poll.

And, through their subject matter, they found their engagement driver: the pop socket. You know that little circular thing on the back of every second millennial’s phone that makes it easier to hold on to?

If you don’t have one, highly recommend. If you do have one, feel free to tell us where you found the best ones.

ANYWAY, Delta State. Pop sockets and Instagram Stories polls. This picture we’re painting is starting to get very colorful.

Caroline wanted Delta students to vote on their favorite pop socket design, so she created an Instagram poll alongside the 2 different styles of pop sockets available to vote.


From here, the opportunity to excite students that followed Delta State’s Instagram was set, and so went the tremendous amount of engagement that came next.

Delta State was able to generate 1,467 unique viewers on their Instagram Story, with the majority of those viewers voting on their favorite pop socket design.

At the end of the poll, the final design was voted and it’s time for them to do the giveaway.


Next steps included posting on their IG Story on how to win the voted Pop Socket, which told the audience to follow Delta State’s Snapchat to find out more on how to win.

This allowed Caroline to piggyback her IG followers towards Snapchat, while keeping them engaged, all in a completely organic way!

This is the perfect example of cross-channel promotion and taking advantage of audience engagement without forcing them to follow a specific account in an unnatural way.

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