Gamifying a comp is a great way to engage your followers without them needing to do too much. Of course, if you have the resources to organize a scavenger hunt or something that requires people to get out Snapping in the world, that’s awesome! But having something to offer that can be easily done by anyone on the spot during their lunch break creates even greater potential for engagement.

Chupa Chups did this flawlessly by offering a sweet prize (a year’s supply of Chupa Chups!) for a contest that could be effortlessly completed from your desk.


The execution took minimal effort—they only needed to create a handful of Snaps to explain the rules and one for the actual game—and the game could be played using the screenshot and drawing tools within Snapchat. The stats that could be gleaned were easily pulled because Mish tracks the number of screenshots per Snap, and you can also count up entries by Snaps received. Epic!

Snaps you need to run a gamified comp:

  1. Intro
  2. Prize mention
  3. Ts & Cs (we'll screenshot every Snap you send, & possibly feature)
  4. Game rules
  5. Game board
  6. Conclusion