The Challenge

Influencer campaigns have become a key feature of Social Media marketing, and when executed properly, they’re a great way to get the most out of everything Snapchat™ has to offer. Trouble is, there’s no way to accurately track an influencer’s follower count and activity, or record and schedule content ahead of time when using Snapchat natively. This means these campaigns can be a massive risk for brands, not to mention being incredibly difficult to manage. 

When Crowd Mobile wanted to gain exposure and generate revenue from Snapchat™, they looked to Geordie Shore’s Social Media superstar ‘Gaz’ to reach the right demographic. Mish Guru’s challenge was to provide a full technology suite including 24/7 scheduling, up-to-date-analytics, and key strategic insights at an affordable price. So Crowd Mobile could ensure this influencer campaign was on brand, on target, and on time, throughout all stages of Gaz’ takeover.

Our Solution

After being approached by the Crowd Mobile team in Europe, Mish Guru provided key knowledge about best practice use of Snapchat™ and influencer campaigns. During this onboarding process, Crowd Mobile were thoroughly equipped to self-manage their campaigns through Mish Guru’s technology platform - an option which works well for larger brands and agencies who want a more hands-on approach for less spend. Gaz’ content was dictated by the agency team and pre-recorded in a nondescript location. The short videos featured Gaz asking his followers to text Crowd Mobile’s ‘Bongo’ pay-per-text service, and Snapchat™ their answers back for the chance to be featured on the Story. A unique dashboard login was set up for Gaz’ account, and this content was uploaded and scheduled for later use.

The campaign launched to Gaz’ followers, and the pre-recorded content went live on his Story. As people all over the world began to Snap their Bongo answers back, these were moderated and added to the story, building a live, crowd-sourced narrative. This approach gained momentum incredibly fast, building Gaz’ follower count and story views, while generating phenomenal revenue for the Bongo service. Detailed analytics and 24-hour technical support were provided by Mish Guru’s global development team, allowing accurate results tracking in real-time. Throughout the campaign, software engineers also worked around the clock to ensure the smoothest delivery possible.


The Results 

Gaz’ Snapchat™ takeover generated 50 Million impressions and a 400% return on investment for Crowd Mobile, making it one of the most successful campaigns to date. At peak user times, the account received over 100 Snaps per minute from the follower base, all of which were automatically captured by Mish Guru’s desktop platform. With total content control, detailed analytics and scheduling capabilities, Crowd Mobile were able to execute such a large-scale influencer campaign with ease, and are now well-placed for future Snapchat™ success using Mish Guru.