The Challenge

Rhythm & Vines wanted to tell the festival story to amplify the experience for those attending, and create a sense of missing out for those who weren’t. They needed to create a bespoke, authentic narrative that would resonate with their target audience, so they looked to Snapchat. With a busy festival to organise and a small in-house media team, Rhythm & Vines opted for Mish Guru’s full agency service, including account launch, strategy, design, content capture, moderation and full technical support of their Snapchat channel.

Our Solution

In the lead-up to the festival, social media and influencers were leveraged in order to gain awareness and generate follower growth on the R&V Snapchat account. A custom Snapcode was created and shared across R&V’s Instagram and Facebook pages, as well as those managed by selected influencers, sponsors and brand partners. Hosted takeovers of the R&V Snapchat account, festival updates, giveaways, previous years’ highlights and user-generated content kept the rapidly expanding follower base entertained and informed, building anticipation for the upcoming festival. This strategy ensured that when R&V opened its gates to bring in the New Year, the Snapchat community were ready to bring it too.

Throughout the 3-day immersive experience, festival-goers looked to Snapchat as their primary source of news, line-up announcements and social networking. Followers were encouraged to send their own experiences to the R&V Snapchat account, where this content was captured, curated, and reposted to create a truly crowd-sourced festival Story. R&V’s Snapchat channel quickly became the festival magazine, created by attendees, edited by Mish Guru and viewed by thousands of New Zealanders.


In just five days, the Rhythm & Vines Snapchat account received over 4,500 Snaps and had an average engagement rate of 75%. The channel generated more than 1.3 million impressions on festival goers and followers, both local and international. These followers still tune in throughout the year, keeping up-to-date with the latest festival news, pre-sales and branded content.