What is the GDPR?
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new European privacy law that goes into effect on May 25, 2018. The GDPR will replace the EU Data Protection Directive, also known as Directive 95/46/EC, and will apply a single data protection law throughout the EU. Data protection laws govern the way that businesses collect, use, and share personal data about individuals. Among other things, they require businesses to process an individual’s personal data fairly and lawfully, allow individuals to exercise legal rights in respect of their personal data (for example, to access, correct or delete their personal data), and ensure appropriate security protections are put in place to protect the personal data they process.
We have been, and will continue to, make privacy and data security a priority for Mish Guru and we will always take the necessary steps to ensure that we are compliant with the GDPR.

Who does the GDPR apply to?
The GDPR applies to all entities and individuals based in the EU and to entities and individuals, whether or not based in the EU, that process the personal data of EU individuals. The GDPR defines personal data as any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. This is a broad definition, and includes data that is obviously personal (such as an individual’s name or contact details) as well as data that can be used to identify an individual indirectly (such as an individual’s IP address).

What is our role under the GDPR
Mish Guru acts as both a data processor and a data controller under the GDPR.
Mish Guru as a data processor: When clients use our products and services to process EU personal data and content, we act as a data processor. For example, we are a processor of EU content and information that gets uploaded or received into our platform via the social media account of a client.
Mish Guru as a data controller: We act as a data controller for the EU client information we collect to provide our products and services. This client information includes things such as client name and contact information which we collect to send out our weekly newsletter. 

What have we done to comply with GDPR?
We have conducted an extensive analysis of our operations. We have reviewed our platform and services, client terms, privacy policy and arrangements with third parties for compliance with the GDPR. 
As a data processor, we have made sure that our clients can update necessary settings and delete any relevant content. If a Mish Guru client would like to update their content capture preferences, they can do so in their settings page. We have drafted up some best practice examples of Rights Management for content that we wanted to share with you. To permanently delete any content, you can do so by hovering over it, and clicking ‘Archive’. 
Contacting Mish Guru
If you have any questions about our compliance or deleting information, you can reach out directly to our Privacy Team.
Jacob Duval
+49 (163) 970 6485
Connor Archbold
+1 (347) 573 6171

How do we handle delete instructions from clients?
Clients have the ability to delete information that has been uploaded or received within our platform. Likewise, anyone may request to view, get copies of, update, or delete any personal data we have collected or stored for any reason.