How Authentic Brands are Built.

Brands and Universities all over the world tell authentic Stories everyday with Mish Guru.

Because real Stories spark action.

3.2 billion images and videos are shared each day. How do you stand out from the crowd?

Capture your Analytics
  • Automatically measure everything with real-time analytics
  • Understand what works best for your audience
  • Pull reports on campaign performance

Easily gather Content
  • Capture received content on Instagram and Snapchat
  • Repurpose and upload content direct to your dashboard
  • Automatically collect and repost mentions of your brand
Storyboard and Schedule your Stories
  • Have Stories launch even when you're off the clock
  • Plan content effectively, so your audience can stay up to date
  • Attach links to more tangibly track ROI
Protect your Brand on every Takeover
  • Never share your username and password again
  • Moderate content before it's posted
  • Streamline workflows, don't waste time transferring content

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