The Mish Story: The One We’ve Never Told.

Here’s something about living and breathing storytelling every day: you often forget to tell your own.

But we write a lot about the importance of authentic storytelling that takes a risk, that expresses your brand story in a different way - stories and content that mean something. So we wanted to really do some of that ourselves.

And this means something very big to us.

We shared a while ago the launch of our Instagram Stories product, and now that’s officially gaining traction, we wanted to share the story behind why and how that came to be.

The reason for doing this is because social media is evolving, and we’ve been a part of the highs and lows as Stories, quite frankly, swallowed every other form of social media.

There’s been four and a half years of changes in storytelling and audiences and how we’ve navigated that and come out the other end.

And the best way to tell that story was from the person who experienced it all from the beginning: our CEO and Co-Founder, Tom.

Kudos to him for stepping in front of the lens and sharing where Mish has been and where it’s going. Kudos to you for being a part of that journey, however big or small that part has been. And Kudos to the rest of the team at Mish who have never stopped lifting one another up to build something they believe in.

The future looks pretty exciting, and we hope you enjoy hearing more about what that looks like as we continue to meet the market where it’s going: full throttle towards ephemeral stories.

And, if you want to join us on the journey telling better Stories - get in touch here.