Improving your Snapchat workflow

Using Snapchat for your brand via mobile can be a pain...

That is why we built you Mish Guru 👻 👻

Even when you have access to our suite tools, Snapchat only allows you to be connected to one device at a time. Don't worry, its not a problem, there are plenty of solutions for you to improve your workflow to ace Snapchat for your brand!

Utilising Received Snaps

If you are used to creating your content natively from a phone you can do this using another Snapchat account and utilise received snaps. You can either snap from your personal handle or create a new handle for you to send direct snaps to your brands handle.

Step 1: Send in your content and Mish Guru will capture it for you!
Step 2: View and moderate your content in your received snaps tab
Step 3: Push content live- all while staying connected to Mish

This option is awesome for influencer takeovers because you no longer need to give away your Snapchat password details PLUS you can moderate content before it goes out! Control!


If you are short on time or want to snap live then autoforwarding is your solution. Mish Guru has a feature that will automatically push any snap sent from your chosen Snapchat handle live onto your brand's story. Just like above, this could be your personal handle or one specifically created for the task.

Step 1: Send us the handle you wish to set to autoforward + the timeframe you require it to be on
Step 2: Get snapping! All the snaps received from that handle will go live on your story once Mish Guru captures it and of course you stay connected to your Mish Guru account!

Multi-user Login + Mobile Login

Thats right, multiple people can log into your Mish Guru dash from any sort of device! This means you AND your team can moderate and contribute to your story from anywhere in the world.

Step 1: Just like on desktop, access the mobile app at and login
Step 2: Recieve, moderate and send Snapchats from anywhere!

What about chat?

Mish Guru doesn't pull through chat or memories content. If you wish to check these messages you will need to log into the app. Its not a problem though, just send us a message via the in-app chat when you wish to be reconnected and we will get back to you within minutes. Majority of brands will log in once or twice a week (if any) to check chat.