5 Different Ways to Run a Snapchat Campaign

With millennials and Gen Z'ers spending over 40 minutes in-app, you cannot deny the potential reach and engagement of a Snapchat account. There's plenty of ways stories can work well as Snapchat campaigns.


one: Takeovers

Takeovers are exactly as they sound: find a guest to take over your Snapchat channel and post content for the day! Ideally, this will be someone of huge interest to your audience (usually someone famous or a leader in your community). Your takeover could deep dive into subjects he/she is an expert in or show a “behind the scenes” glimpse of interest.

“Spend the day with me” takeovers are also popular and enticing for Snapchat audiences who get an insight into the lives of someone they wouldn’t usually. Really, with takeovers the only hard part is finding the perfect person!

Bonus points if you get said person to shout out on their own personal social channels to direct new followers to your account!


two: Q+A

Q+A’s are similar to takeovers, to execute you need someone knowledgable to jump on your channel and answer specific questions from your followers. Q+A’s are great for brands whose customers might have product specific questions that get asked frequently or for schools where both current and prospective students can snap in programme leaders their questions- it's a great way to be of service to your followers while also promoting your school or brand. This concept also works well for music requests on radio stations and other brands which can utilise this community conversational mechanism.

In this example a music festival has used an artist to execute the Q + A, which is a great example of both a takeover and Q + A campaign rolled into one!



Three: Live events

A lot of excellent snapping opportunities go missed! The majority of these are live events your brand is involved with. Live events are a great way to show your followers exclusive footage that they wouldn’t be able to see anywhere else! Utilise your sponsorships here, be it sports team or local leader these events are all exciting for your loyal following.

To cover live events you could either run it similar to a takeover and have someone down at the event snapping via your channel (or use Mish Guru’s autoforwarding feature). Mix it up by reposting some of your followers snaps!


Four: Competitions


As we mentioned earlier, competitions go down a TREAT! They’re an excellent way to get followers, especially if you can promote your comp on other social channels! Make your comp funny, sharp and easy to enter. Complicating your comp= way less entries. Tip: We’ve found comps that allow users to use a filter or not necessarily show their face do better- something about pressure to show your face we guess! You can use Snapchat's screenshot feature as a fun and interactive mechanic if you want to mix it up with a “send in your snap” comp.


Obviously huge prizes do well but we have also seen a small and consistent weekly comp to be a draw card winner for Snapchat lead competitions.


Five: UGC

Finally, the King (or Queen) of Snapchat campaignsUser Generated Content! Let your users do the work for you! Simply put out a question to your followers and watch unique content roll in (well it's not actually this simple, you need an engaging question or buzz to spark this stuff). Mish Guru captures your users snaps that you can then repost onto your own Snapchat channel. Followers LOVE to see themselves featured on your brands channel, and we have typically seen them sharing with their friends who may add your account so they can check it out too!


Not sure what content your followers want to see?


Ask them! Simply run a story asking your followers to send in snaps with what they would like to see on your channel or run a screenshot quiz with suggested topics- amazing now your followers are doing the work for you! Mish Guru will receive and capture all those responses for you to scroll through when planning your next posts!