Snapchat in politics: Presidential Elections

Snapchat lenses and geo-filters made an appearance in both the recent campaigns for the US presidential elections. Trump first purchased a geo-filter in September and from there on, rivalry with Snapchat tools continued right until the election announcements. Australian politicians have also utilised Snapchat tools in their social strategies. Politics - yet another arena Snapchat has found a home!




Online news publisher, took to Snapchat to send and share updates following the 7.5 magnitude earthquake that struck this month. A great way to communicate news with followers and achieve the community aspect that is heavily appreciated after disasters of this kind.

Who : Stuff New Zealand
What: Earthquake response snaps
Follow: nzstuff



NZ Cup and Show Week campaign lead up

NZ Cup and Show week nailed an array of creative tools to support their events Snapchat campaigns. Executed with Snapcode pamphlets doubling as coasters that were strategically placed at hip eateries and shopping venues across the country. Ambassadors walked around the events with photo booth frames that both encouraged attendees to snap and share and also included the snapcode.

Who : New Zealand Cup and Show Week
What: Creative tool ideas
Follow: nzcupandshow

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