Growing a Snapchat Audience with Social Media

Growth-oriented strategy is an integral feature of Snapchat success, but as the saying goes: “Good things take time.” Allocating some lead time and resource into your channel strategy will improve your chances of making sweet Snapchat love in the long run. Here’s how we do it: 

Use paid media on Facebook & Instagram to target the right crowd…

The primary barrier to Snapchat engagement is discovery. This is because the app doesn’t enable search, meaning you have to know precisely who you’re looking for to find them. The good news is that once people know about your account, it’s common to see engagement rates as high as 75% across the board. By targeting the right demographic from your existing social following on Facebook and Instagram you’ll reach a receptive and curious audience quickly and easily, then let your content do the rest. Try starting with a net of 15-34 year olds, gender neutral, up-weighting FB media to mobile.


Make it simple to add the account…

As mentioned, this is your primary barrier so make it as easy as possible. Use simple, clear calls to action, and consider incentivising with a competition, giveaway or exclusive. Here are some approaches to these posts:

Facebook Link Post on Mobile - Clickable, redirects automatically to Snapchat: Create these the same way you would create a regular Facebook link post, making the destination URL your “Snapchat Share Username” address. The format for this URL will be:



Instagram Image Post on Mobile - Scannable, automatically adds user when scanned in Snapchat: Create these the same way you would create a regular Instagram post, and include a clear CTA to add the account. The scan-to-add functionality is an inbuilt feature of Snapchat, so users don’t need any additional apps (unlike their cousin, the QR code).

Be persistent….

Twitter, Linked-In, Reddit - Utilise your entire social suite: The primary goal is to get your message out there, so while these are secondary channels in many campaigns, they shouldn’t be ignored. Key considerations are WHO your target Snapchat audience are, WHERE they’re hanging out already, and WHICH of your owned social channels have the largest and most engaged audience. Targeting magic is at the the nexus of these three factors.


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