Rnv- artist/influencer interviews

With the Christmas and New Years period full of festies and events it can be hard to lock down the perfect content plan over the break. Rhythm and Vines showed us how it is done this New Years!


With high quality content- from artist interviews to festival maps and line ups, the account achieved amazing engagement and response rates. Rhythmandvines, which has some 15k followers, received over 3000 snaps during the festival and upwards of TWO MILLION views! 


How's that for #richcontent!


Who: Rhythm and Vines
What: Festival content and astronomical engagement  
Follow: rhythmandvines





Taco Bell Sticker Fun

With Snapchat recently introducing custom stickers, a new door for brands to get creative with interactions and user generated content has been opened. Taco Bell's recent comp is a great example! 

Pull together some instructions, add a snap with the stickers and watch the creative content roll in. Simple.


Who: Taco Bell
What: Create your own sticker story/comp
Follow: tacobell




AUT GRADUATION- geo filter alternatives


For those brands in NZ who are yet to be blessed with easy option geo filters or those elsewhere who may not have the budget for a filter, these frames are an excellent option to add to your content and get your audience involved.

Although we have seen these frames before, the added spice of the cut out emoji's added to the experience and participation of the day. Kudos AUT- looking good!


Who: Auckland University of Technology
What: Geo filter alternatives and creative emoji cut outs
Follow: autuni