A filter is just the beginning for wonder woman

A Snapchat filter alone simply could not do justice to the launch of one of this year's most anticipated films. Instead, in collaboration with Wonder Woman's marketing team, Sticky Studios, and the creative team at Snapchat, an interactive Snapchat game was born. The Rise of the Warrior game shows Wonder Woman making her way onto the battlefield to cross No Man's Land in order to put an end to the conflict by defeating enemy soldiers. High scores on Rise of the Warrior unlocked exclusive Snapchat lenses, and a nationwide lens transformed Snapchat users into Wonder Woman herself, making for an immersive experience. We've seen similar games recently, including the latest from fast food giant KFC, but this one is not to be missed. Check it out on your browser here!

A snapchat campaign of firsts: Holden x state of origin snap ad suite

Holden Australia has released a Snapchat campaign aligning with the NRL State of Origin series, becoming the first auto brand to run a Sponsored Lens in Australia. The lens allows Snapchat users in their respective area to choose their team (NSW or Queensland) and swat away the other team.

Holden has combined this with Snap Ads within the State of Origin Our Story feature. The campaign also marks the first time Snapchat has covered State of Origin through Our Story, which will combine content from the game, around the stadium, and in the stands to form an omnipresent narrative of events.

Holden's suite of Ad products is an excellent example of paid and organic content working seamlessly in a top level Snapchat marketing campaign.


celebrate your birthday with a snapchat scavenger hunt! why not?

Forbes is turning 100! Woweee! To celebrate, the "Find Yourself on Forbes" campaign gives readers a chance to virtually make the cover of Forbes. But, there's a Snapchat twist... Every Friday until September (roughly 100 days from now), Forbes will reveal a hint about a location somewhere in the world. Go to that location and you'll find a Snapchat Geofilter resembling a Forbes cover. Then, Snap a photo of yourself with the Forbes cover filter and submit via Snapchat, or post the picture on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #Forbesat100 for the chance to be featured. This is definitely the first time we've seen Snapchat geofilters used so extensively for a campaign, and we can't wait to see how it all rolls out. Keep an eye out for a location near you!


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